How to Rank #1 in Google And Boost Organic Traffic by 963% (Two Step-By-Step Case Studies)

Today you’re going to see one of my favorite SEO strategies in action:The Guestographic Method.First, I’ll show you how Perrin used this technique to boost his organic search engine traffic by 963%.Then you’ll see how David used the same strategy to rank #1 for the keyword “internships”.Let’s dive right in.
The Guestographic Method: An SEO Strategy That Gets ResultsGuestographics work for one simple reason:They make your content MUCH easier to share.I published a post last year that outlines the entire process: How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics.So if you haven’t read that post, go check it out.In that post I reveal how The Guestographic Method increased my organic traffic by more than 175%:And Guestographics are one reason that Backlinko ranks #2 for the keyword, “on page SEO”:Does this sound like something you’d like to try?Keep reading…How Perrin and David Used Guestographics to Skyrocket Their Rankings (And Traffic)I just showed you how well Guestographics worked for me

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