Increase Google Rankings By Faking Usage Metrics (Case Study)

Most people never heard how Usage Metrics influence your rankings, let alone use it in their SEO strategy.
Things like the click through rate from the Google SERPS are a relatively new ranking factor and can easily be manipulated.
These are the new Google ranking factors no one is talking about.
I’m going to show you how I manipulated them to rank my website with zero backlinks.
What You Will Learn

Why usage metrics are important to rank today
The 3 new usage metrics Google are using to rank websites
How to set & forget your usage metrics campaign
Results from my case study site with zero backlinks

WARNING: Steal Your Competitors Search Rankings, Traffic & Income
Introducing Adi
I have been experimenting with SEO for a couple of years now. I never

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How To Find Clients, Build A Portfolio & Start Charging Big Bucks On Fiverr

Freelancing only sounds good until you get started.
You get lured in by the dream of working from the comfort of your home, setting your own work hours, sleeping as long as you want, etc.
But once you get started, you realize achieving all that freedom isn’t easy. You need to find clients, build a portfolio so, you could get higher paying clients, compete with other freelancers from countries like Philippines that can work for peanuts.
What if there was an easy way to find clients and build your portfolio to start charging reasonable rates for your services?
What You Will Learn

What kind of skills are in-demand on Fiverr
How to quickly start selling on Fiverr
How to rank your gig at the top to start receiving clients
The strategy

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